Getting Motor Trade Car Insurance

The Motor Trade is often associated with insurance policies that are specifically designed for those who deal in the motor or vehicle industry. This policy may extend to those whose practices fall under occupations such as a mobile mechanic, MOT tester, car dealer or valeter – Essentially any role that involves you or your employee(s) needing to drive, or handle yours or your customers’ vehicles. Most insurers will offer both van and car Motor Trade insurance policies to ensure that they are able to cater to as many needs as possible for businesses operating in this industry.

A Motor Trade policy could be specifically altered to suit the needs of your business. Some policies may even offer cover for the premises and any assets associated with your business.

Can I Get Motor Trade Insurance With A Criminal Conviction?

Motor Trade policies seem complex enough on their own, let alone with a conviction. With all the specifics and speciality policies that insurers offer, somewhere there should be room for a policy that is specifically designed for your needs, though you may need to shop around and search for a specialist broker that can handle your specific requirements. Some insurers have specifically designed policies for those who have convictions, ensuring that, in most circumstances, everybody has access to cover, to allow them to continue their business practice regardless of their past mistakes – though there may be some more serious convictions and convictions for financial and insurance fraud that you may struggle to get cover with.

Are There Any Age Restrictions on A Motor Trade Policy?

As a general rule, some Motor Trade insurers may implement an age restriction on their insurance schemes. Policies tend to be catered towards 25 year olds and over, but some insurers do provide cover to people below that age. That being said, most Motor Trade insurers may not offer a policy to somebody who has not held a full driving licence for at least 12 months, meaning that you’d at least need to be 18 years old to even look at getting cover, though it will be difficult to find and expensive if you can find an insurer prepared to offer cover for drivers this young.

Keep in mind that the younger you are, the more expensive the insurance may be. This is the same for Motor Trade policies. While there are ways to reduce the costs on the policy, it has the potential to be slightly pricey for younger drivers. Don’t let this worry you too much, hopefully your insurance broker provides highly trained sales staff that are there to help you find the cheapest quote possible for your circumstances, so you may be surprised!

Occupational Restrictions

Motor Trade policies are specially catered to those who deal in a variety of occupations within the Motor Trade industry. These policies may cover those who work in areas such as:

MOT Testers – If you work as an MOT Tester or run a garage offering MOT tests, then the type of policy you need must be able to cover both the vehicles under your care and the premises you operate from.

Car Dealers – Akin to an MOT Testing garage, your business practice may reside on a forecourt and need both road risk and premises cover.

Repair Call-Outs – Unlike a car dealer, a call-out mechanic may operate a mobile unit that does not operate from a business address, and as such doesn’t have any premises that would need to be covered.

Other occupations such as Valeters, Car Jockeys, Vehicle Recovery Agents, plus Tyre & Exhaust Fitters are also considered as Motor Trade occupations and would therefore also need similar levels of cover.

Residential Restrictions

Some insurers may offer a policy that covers your vehicles, your premise and your contents, including tools, equipment, stock and money. This means if your business operates from a forecourt or a specific building then you are eligible for certain kinds of cover. These insurers may also cover businesses that practice from their own home address, working out of a residential garage or from a driveway.

If your business resides in one of these places it may be good to consider if you’d like that amount of cover on your policy, to make sure you’re covered for all eventualities.


If you are seeking a Motor Trade car insurance policy it is essential to keep these factors in mind to make sure that you can find a policy that covers your business, and protects all of the things you need protecting. When applying for quotes you should ensure that you have all the necessary details of your business, the premises and the contents you want covering, plus any additional information that you believe you’d need. As well as this, you should ensure you have thought about exactly what needs covering, what level of cover you’d like and what you could potentially be liable for. Once you’ve got all of this information ready, it’s time to contact a specialist broker and get help to find the policy that’s right for you!